Today, my friends, is a day of denial. That little chubby-cheeked baby that turned me into a gushing Godmother is sixteen years old today. SIXTEEN! I can’t even believe it. I still wonder when he had time to grow up. It seemed like just yesterday that I was stealing him away from his […]

The unprecedented year of 2020 has finally come to a close. For many, this has been the worst year yet-job loss, death and sickness, an unsteady economy, and a seemingly hovering cloud of doom looming over the world. Although the year has had its many downs, it was also filled with lessons, love, and many […]

Since today is the last day of November, also known as Adoption Awareness Month, let me introduce you to the final family in SDP’s adoption interview series. I met Julie during lunch breaks at an elementary school where we both worked at the time. I remember overhearing a conversation she was having with someone (yes, […]

For the second spotlight on families that have made the life-changing decision to grow their families through adoption, I want to highlight the inspiration for this blog series. I was first introduced to Julia when a “photogra-friend”  tagged me in a post in a photography FB group.  Julia was looking for someone in the Louisville/Southern […]

For the first spotlight on families that chose adoption as a way to grow their families, I chose to highlight a family close to my heart. Ashley and I used to work together as elementary teachers. Not only a great mom of three beautiful kids and teacher, Ashley loves children and has worked to advocate […]

On a recent fall day, I set off for Winchester, Kentucky to capture wedding memories for one of the nicest couples I have ever met. The setting for Kaitlin and Aaron’s perfect nuptials was the stunning Hawks Nest where your eyes are drawn to acres of rolling hills, picturesque fence lines, and cozy barns. I […]

Our final day of perusing the pink shoe diaries leads us to Miss Susie, a wife and mother of 8 with a passion for her social work career, where she encourages individuals, connects them to resources and impacts the community. She sees this as a way to offer people hope to see past their current […]

Our journey through the pages of the pink shoe diaries turns today to Tina Griffith. She is a dedicated employee of Norton Children’s Hospital, where she has served for 23 years. She doesn’t have children of her own, but anyone who knows her knows that she adores her niece, who will be 19 this year. […]

Today, our journey through the pink shoe diaries takes us to another special lady and thriver. She is a wife, mother and social worker. She has a beautiful and spunky 15 year old daughter and an equally stunning 27 year old bonus daughter. Since her breast cancer diagnosis, she has started to explore different interests […]

The second in the series of interviews with awesome breast cancer survivors is here, folks! I had the pleasure of working with this survivor for five years and she is just as amazing in person as she sounds on paper. I can’t wait for you to meet April and hear more about her story in […]