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Brook and Dylan, one of my sweet SDP couples, were absolute troopers on this COLD, COLD afternoon for their maternity session! However, I have to give the highest kudos to Brook. I mean, come on, she was just released from the hospital a few hours earlier. And here she was, posing and smiling in front […]

Brook and Dylan Maternity Session

February 1, 2020

A New Year’s Eve Party New Year’s Eve is a time to release things of old and embrace all that is new and good in your life. Well, my latest bride and groom did just that. They not only chose to wed at midnight on the eve of a new year, but they brought in […]

Micah and Micahia

January 17, 2020

My latest portrait session was somewhat of a full-circle moment for me. You see, as a teen, I had the desire to become a photographer. However, due to this thing called life, I set that aside for other dreams. Years later, I hired a photographer and did a 40th birthday photo shoot which brought the […]

Shannon W.

January 4, 2020

Yesterday, I had the honor of photographing a beautiful young lady. Although it made me feel a case of the geriatric blues, it was so much fun interacting with Stephanie, the grownup. You see, we grew up in the same church. I was a teenager when she was born, so to see her go through […]


December 8, 2019

Yep, I did it. I named the post Elli and her mom. Why? Well, this year, Miss Elli showed that she came to slay and not play! For you that have taken family photos know that kids and dogs can be wild cards. So when you have both, you never know what will transpire. It […]

Elli and Her Mom

December 1, 2019

Black Friday. A day that was made for me. A day when stuff-lots of stuff-is on sale. And you can get all of your shopping done before 10:00 in the morning! There are few things better than this. I am a sucker for a sale, so yes, I am one of the lunatics mingling in […]

The Conn Family

December 1, 2019

My latest engagement session gave me a brief escape from the hustle and bustle of the city into a charming town east of Louisville called Versailles. I know those of you not familiar with Kentucky are thinking the pronunciation for this town is “Ver-sigh,” after the french city famous for its gardens and palace. However, […]

Jordan and Colton

November 24, 2019

I had the pleasure of shooting a lifestyle session with the Preston Family last week. This beautiful family of three, Sanja, Tate, and little Emilija, were perfectly coordinated in their fall colored attire and were ready to go before I even arrived. As I got to know a little bit about the family and their […]

The Prestons

November 16, 2019

I remember as a child hearing “old people” say things like, “You are growing up so fast. I remember when you were born!” So, I have now turned into one of those “old people.” I literally remember when my latest senior, Ondrea, was born. At one time, I was even her family’s babysitter. The baby […]


November 8, 2019

Senior year is such a special time in the life of a teenager. It is a time filled with excitement, yet is also filled with uncertainty. It is a time to celebrate a new chapter of life, but a time to close the door on things of old. For most, 12th grade flies by like […]


November 4, 2019