Angela contacted me for a photo session a few months back. She wanted to celebrate living life and overcoming obstacles through photos, but she (in her words) is “not a photo person.” She doesn’t really care for taking photos, but stepping out of her comfort zone is a part of her self-care regimen. Rather reserved […]

“That’s gonna be my boyfriend.” Those words, spoken by my most recent SDP bride, proved to be more than just an empty promise. After meeting Brandon on a night out with friends, Erin declared that he would be hers and she would be his. Little did she know that her prediction would turn into a […]

One of my favorite things to do is to capture the love of engaged couples. There is just something so sweet about two people on the brink of living a life together as husband and wife. The sweet smiles, cute giggles, and the tender nervousness of being in front of the camera just makes my […]

2020 has knocked us off our feet. The globally devastating coronavirus pandemic has us all cooped up in our homes-little to nothing to do, with no end in sight. Some have found solace in reconnecting with their families. People are spending quality time with their children, engaging in activities such as hide and seek, backyard […]

February took me back to Versailles, Kentucky for a beautiful wedding at one of my absolute favorite wedding venues-The Galerie. Not only is The Galerie a beautiful event space, with elegantly decorated rooms; what makes them one of the best venues in the state is the quality of service. Jessica and The Galerie staff have […]

Brook and Dylan, one of my sweet SDP couples, were absolute troopers on this COLD, COLD afternoon for their maternity session! However, I have to give the highest kudos to Brook. I mean, come on, she was just released from the hospital a few hours earlier. And here she was, posing and smiling in front […]

A New Year’s Eve Party New Year’s Eve is a time to release things of old and embrace all that is new and good in your life. Well, my latest bride and groom did just that. They not only chose to wed at midnight on the eve of a new year, but they brought in […]

My latest portrait session was somewhat of a full-circle moment for me. You see, as a teen, I had the desire to become a photographer. However, due to this thing called life, I set that aside for other dreams. Years later, I hired a photographer and did a 40th birthday photo shoot which brought the […]

Yesterday, I had the honor of photographing a beautiful young lady. Although it made me feel a case of the geriatric blues, it was so much fun interacting with Stephanie, the grownup. You see, we grew up in the same church. I was a teenager when she was born, so to see her go through […]

Yep, I did it. I named the post Elli and her mom. Why? Well, this year, Miss Elli showed that she came to slay and not play! For you that have taken family photos know that kids and dogs can be wild cards. So when you have both, you never know what will transpire. It […]