August 28, 2019

Brook and Dylan

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What do you do when you’re home all alone on a sick day? Eat chicken noodle soup? Lie on the couch, vegging on the tube? If you’re anything like me, you ingest some form of medication, rest, and find something to do with this newfound time you have to waste. Nowadays, there is a perfect, yet not so perfect time-waster.

Social Media

Well, this ultimate “time-eater” that is social media proved to be a life-changer for my latest bride-to-be on a day off from work. Brook, while home from work recovering from an illness, swiped right and found her true love, Dylan. These two met, and the rest was-you guessed it-history. Dylan proposed on vacation from the top of a lighthouse (Brook wasn’t thrilled about climbing due to her slight fear of heights). Dylan reassured her that “She really did wanted to see the view from the top.”

Little did she know this was the moment that would change her life forever.

The engagement session was pretty much perfect from beginning to end. The weather was gorgeous. The sun was shining through the trees and the temperature was warm, but not so much that you would break a sweat. There was a slight breeze and the couple showed up looking like a big bowl of awesome-sauce! At first, this dynamic duo seemed nervous, but after the first click, it was on! They were so sweet, fun, and I’d say Brook and Dylan found their second callings as models.

Brook and Dylan, thanks for allowing me to capture these special moments between the two of you (wink, wink). It was a pleasure hanging out and I can’t wait to see you guys again!

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