October 17, 2018

Carli and Kyle Engagement

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Over the weekend, I had the pleasure of seeing one of my favorite couples again. It was time for Carli and Kyle’s engagement session, and everything was perfect. Well, almost. When I arrived at the initial location for the session, I was shocked to see that the venue and site were closed unexpectedly (and unannounced) for a private event.

Here I am–a wedding photographer–almost crashing a wedding!

That would not have been good.

Carli and Kyle are such a laid back and easy-going couple. When I told them about the location change, they were completely unbothered and open to shoot wherever. Aside from the location snafu, things were perfect. The weather was cool, but not cold, the new location was clear and not crowded, and of course my couple showed up looking ADORABLE!

Carli and Kyle met when their best friends from high school started dating. They were friends for a few years, before they realized that they were what the other was looking for. Sometimes he (or she) is right there under your nose… Just in case you were wondering, those high school best friends–they are now married and will serve as Carli and Kyle’s best man and matron of honor. How sweet is that?!!!

Carli, a social worker who works with youth, and Kyle, who works in IT,  wanted their four-legged baby, Callie, to be a part of the engagement session, so we had a party of three. Callie was very energetic and pretty friendly, and Carli’s parents were so sweet to come along for puppy patrol. Sessions with dogs are always interesting and can produce lots of entertaining moments and lots of laughter, and this one was no different. I think more than once, though, I called Carli Callie and Kyle Carli. It was kind of embarrassing, but they seemed to understand.

I had so much fun at this session, but the best thing about it was the connection between Carli and Kyle. These two lovebirds were just so cute. They would look into each others’ eyes and giggle. On top of that, Kyle would whisper into Carli’s ear, trying to make the smiles and laughter more genuine. Well, it worked, Kyle. I can look at your photos and truly see how much you guys love and adore one another. I can’t wait to capture more moments like these on your wedding day!



  1. Miranda says:

    These are great! Love them and love you two!

  2. Terri Conder says:

    Awesome pictures!!

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