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The end of summer delivered to me the privilege of photographing the youngest member of one of my favorite families. Stacey is the final Anderson to make it to the end of a well-played high school career. Because he is the baby, the entire family came out to share in the moments being captured. Grandma, […]


November 6, 2021

I’ll be honest. I struggled with the title of this post for a second. After typing “Braxton’s Senior Session,” and realizing that he’s no longer a high school senior, it was back to the drawing board. After all, he has been out of high school for three whole weeks. That part of life is ancient […]

Braxton…The Graduate

June 16, 2021

Senior year is such a special time in the life of a teenager. It is a time filled with excitement, yet is also filled with uncertainty. It is a time to celebrate a new chapter of life, but a time to close the door on things of old. For most, 12th grade flies by like […]


November 4, 2019

The latest “almost adult” that I had the pleasure of spending the day with is the beautiful Paige. She is the daughter of one of my awesome coworkers, and although I have only met her a couple of times, I feel like I have known her for years. Paige is a sweet and reserved young […]

Paige W.

October 12, 2018

I absolutely love photographing high school seniors! There’s just something about their spunk, joyful nature, and carefree outlook on life that gives me, well… life! Maybe it’s because when I spend time with young people, it takes me back to my days as a high-schooler. Maybe it reminds me that I was once young with […]


October 9, 2018

 The senior year of high school is such a special time in a young person’s life. It’s the last year before adulthood and is filled with momentous occasions and memories to cherish. The stunning Alexis is a senior at Louisville’s Central High School and plans to attend either The University of Louisville or The University […]


August 18, 2018

Recently, I had the pleasure of capturing the handsome and stylish Nate on camera for a post-graduation senior session. This unique session was to commemorate his transition from high school to college and into adulthood.  This dapper and well-dressed young man was an absolute dream to work with. He was laid back, calm, and chill-down […]

Nate J.

June 19, 2018

Pastel dress adorned with ruffled sleeves. Perfectly matching satin covered bag and heels.  Pasted updo hairstyle that would only move for…

Prom Season 2018

May 28, 2018

Meet the beautiful Alonna. I recently had a session with this stunning and sweet young lady. Although the original session had to be rescheduled due to weather, and the location wasn’t as picturesque as we had once imagined, this young lady

Alonna W.

April 2, 2018