June 11, 2021

Cynthia & Deac

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The world did not want me to be great the day of my latest couple’s engagement session. There was pouring rain that threatened to derail our plans for a beautiful outdoor setting, a traffic backup that stalled my efforts to arrive on time, cicadas grossly diving to their deaths onto my windshield in mass numbers, and a highway bully that caused me to miss my exit. While driving to the next exit to turn around (7 miles away, mind you), I reminded myself to breathe and that everything would be alright.¬†Although disappointed in myself for being late to the engagement session, I arrived and it was SHOWTIME!

Cyn and Deac showed up “dressed to the gods!” Deac looked like he stepped right out of GQ magazine in his rust flat-front modern suit and sneaks and Cyn…OMG! Cyn was gorgeous in her fitted lace dress with puff sleeves in white, not to mention her beat face and perfect hair (which by the way caught the glow of the sun majestically)!

Hunty! This couple did not come to play!

Not only were these two giving serious model vibes from head to toe, they were both very chill and joyful. I could definitely see how they fit so beautifully together. From a journey of moving cross-country to sharing a workplace and a chance coffee date, these two lovebirds are now on the road to forever. Cheers to the workplace romance!

Cyn and Deac, you guys were a photographer’s dream. You showed up looking amazing, followed directions well, and indulged me in some of my crazy antics! (If you’ve ever worked with me, you can insert a hearty laugh here). Congratulations on your engagement, and I can’t wait to see you on your wedding day!


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