April 13, 2018

Joy B.

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Are you looking for someone to help you stay on track with your new, healthy lifestyle? Do you fee you could reach your goals if only you had someone to help you stay motivated? If you answered yes to either of those questions, Beachbody Online Fitness and Nutrition Coach Joy Billops is the person for you! She understands firsthand the struggles of eating healthfully and fitting daily workouts into an often hectic schedule. How do I know? She’s living it, that’s how. She has gone from a person who says, “I have never stuck with a workout program” to being “Obsessed with health!” She has seen the changes in her everyday habits transform her life, and she is not turning back. How awesome is that, y’all?!!!

Through hard work, intense focus, and Joy as your coach, you too can become the person that is obsessed with living your healthiest life yet.

Contact Joy to start your fit life now!

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