July 16, 2018

Megan and David Engagement

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Partly Cloudy.

Light Showers.


Heavy Rain.

Can you guess which one of those weather conditions arrived at the precise time of the engagement session for Megan and David? Yep, you guessed it. HEAVY RAIN. The location selected for this session was already full of wet and rocky terrain, but with rain and mud added to it, it was a no-go for the me and my lovely couple. This is a time when as a photographer I had to a.) think on my feet to come up with a nearby location that would work and b.) pray that the rain would stop or at least calm enough for us to shoot.  Luckily, the rain stopped as soon as we pulled up to location B, which actually turned out to be a great one–possibly even better than the original.

Now, to the most important part of the story. In front of my camera stood this gorgeous couple, Megan and David, who met through a mutual friend/relative and have been together ever since. They were dressed to the nines and were ready to showcase their love. They were so sweet toward one another and shared sweet, tender moments throughout the session. This showed me how much they adore each other. Speaking of adorable, they brought their cute little fur baby, Tucker, to be a part of the occasion. He chilled with Megan’s parents (the sweetest people) until it was his time to shine. And shine he did. Megan and David were the main attraction, but Tucker stole the show. Before the session, Megan was worried about how he would do, but he was FABULOUS! He sat and even smiled at the camera (as much as a dog can smile)!

Megan and David love to travel and sports of all kinds. They can be found trotting the globe often to sightsee or see a favorite team play. So, of course upon their return from big trips, Megan would be approached by friends and co-workers with the “Well, did he propose?” look. Everyone, including Megan, thought David was going to propose on a trip to New York, in which both sets of parents were there. Nope. The reserved David, after asking for Megan’s father’s approval, proposed on a Thursday night before heading out to a UofL game. She was totally shocked, which made this sweet and intimate moment even better than expected.

And the ring…WOWZA!

Megan and David, thanks for allowing me to capture your love during this special time in your relationship. I can’t wait to do it all again at your wedding!

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