December 15, 2018

My Charlie Brown Christmas Tree

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Being single with no children, Christmas decorating has not been the highest priority for me during the season of giving. Although I absolutely love decorating so much so that it used to be on my list of many career aspirations, I have never had my own Christmas tree. It seems unnecessary to put forth the effort of finding a tree, assembling it (or sawing off the bottom if you prefer real), unraveling an untangling lights, finding, repairing, and hanging ornaments, and dragging in a ladder to top this monstrosity of a forrest find. Not to mention the cost of said tree, ornaments, lights, tree skirt, topper, etc. One could literally spend a fortune on the tree alone! And if on Christmas morning, there would be little ones around the tree opening gifts and enjoying the love shown by others, it would all seem worth it.

Every year, I tell myself I’m going to buy a Christmas tree.

For me.

For my house.

But I never do.

Until this year.

Okay, until this morning, actually.

After attending the amazing show, The Soul of Christmas (produced on by Rush Trowel Productions) last night, I was overtaken with the spirit-the holiday spirit, that is.  So, I hopped up this morning and headed to my local Hobby Lobby where I sauntered up and down each and every 50% off Christmas aisle, selecting, then returning ornaments to the shelves. Am I going to put up a tree? Am I gonna pass again this year? If I pass, I’ll have more money to spend on others for gifts. All of these thoughts swam around in my mind… until finally, I (rather begrudgingly) picked the ticket from the clear plastic holder and placed it ever-so slowly into my cart. You know, the one that you take to the cashier to buy a large item (or item from the back) that they have to bring to you. I had just done it. I had just bought a tree.

Fast forward an hour later, I came home, blasted some Christmas music from my iPhone, and decorated MY tree. By myself. It was actually fun. I intentionally chose a thin, Charlie Brown-esque tree, so I could see the project through to the end. Had I gotten a full size tree, I would have procrastinated on putting it together, and it would have been in the same box, untouched NEXT CHRISTMAS!

Of course I had to take pictures of my first Christmas Tree.

Hope you enjoy.

If you’re single and have never decorated your own tree, I challenge you to do it.

And if you have a tree-trimming party, please invite me!


  1. Patricia Hobbs says:

    You did a fantastic job it is beautiful

  2. Judy your mother says:

    Beautiful Shannon and I saw it in person. Another one of your gifts.

  3. Jacquelyn B. says:

    Love it!!! Bruuutiful!!!

  4. Patrice Johnson says:

    That’s no Charlie Brown Christmas tree that I’ve ever seen! It’s gorgeous!! Next year, I’ll help put your print up in your room if you decorate my Christmas tree. #InAwe

  5. This single gal bought and decorated her first ornament tree. I also strung lights for the first time. I can definitely say it’s been worth it. I may not have the family of my own to complete the picture perfect Christmas, but my home feels warmer and more festive. Contrary to what one would expect, I feel my singleness less acutely than I would during the holidays had I not decorated. Huh, I guess a little self-love goes a long way indeed. Thanks.

  6. Lyn says:

    It’s lovely, Shannon! Enjoy!

  7. Stella (weesie) says:

    Shannon, your Charlie Brown tree looks absolutely gorgeous. I love your colors.
    Wish you a Merry Christmas and a fantastic New Year.
    Love you,

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