November 8, 2019


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I remember as a child hearing “old people” say things like,

“You are growing up so fast. I remember when you were born!”

So, I have now turned into one of those “old people.”

I literally remember when my latest senior, Ondrea, was born. At one time, I was even her family’s babysitter. The baby of the family and super spoiled, she and her mother agree that she is not rotten. She shows respect and gratitude to those around her and has older siblings that have set a great example.

Ondrea has always been a fun, sweet, and adorable young lady, so I expected nothing less on her photo session. She was sweet, graceful and full of life. As we walked from spot to spot, we discussed the ever-so-bright future of this Louisville Male High School senior. She plans to go away to college after graduation to study kinesiology, but she’s not yet sure where she will attend. In addition to the academics, she would like to continue her athletic interests in college as well. She has played soccer for many years, and loves the sport. From what I understand, she is an exceptionally talented player too!

Ondrea, thank you for allowing me the opportunity to capture some moments during this special time in your life. You are a beautiful young lady inside and out, and it was a pleasure to serve you through photography. Keep me posted on those college acceptance letters as they start to roll in!


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