November 11, 2018

The Randolphs

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What do you get when you combine a loving couple, beautiful children,  a deep and sincere love for Christ, and hilarious personalities?


This family is one of my favorites. Every time we interact, I have so much fun and almost bust my sides as if I was at a comedy show. John and Michelle are a sweet duo that are involved in so many different things. John is in ministry as well as PTA President at the girls’ school, and Michelle is a teacher and advocate for educators

(among other things).

This talented couple is awesome at parenting as well. It seems as if they have it all figured out. With dance schedules for the girls, speaking engagements, work, school, and homework, they manage to juggle it all with ease. I’m sure it’s not easy, but they make it look that way.

Their daughters are polite, sweet as pie, and GOR GEOUS! Their oldest daughter fits the profile of an eldest child-responsible and a hard-working go-getter. She’s also quite the little ballerina. Their youngest baby is HILARIOUS! I promise, one day she will be on The Disney Channel. On the day of the session, she confidently introduced herself and her family to me as if we had never met. Mind you, we used to see each other weekly at dance rehearsal and often after that. In fact, I saw them the day before the session!

Like I said, she will be on somebody’s TV show!

The day of the session was rather chilly, and we had to dodge the rain a few times, but John, Michell, and the rest of the family were troopers.

John’s parents and sister added a cool generational element to the session, which was super cool.

Randolphs, thanks for allowing me to peek into your lives for a bit!

It was a pleasure!

  1. Chriss Jones says:

    FANTASTIC! Awesome job Shannon. What a beautiful family.

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