February 2, 2019

Carli and Kyle Wedding

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Meet the Smiths.

When I arrived at the getting ready room on Carli and Kyle’s wedding day, the ladies were already finished. Hair was done. Makeup was done. They were literally FINISHED.


In addition to being ahead of schedule, they were chilling like this was just your average Saturday. No anxiety, no nervous energy, nothing. Every time I asked if they were getting nervous, the answer was no. They were both cool and calm as could be. I will venture to say that I was probably more nervous and anxious on this wedding day than the bride and groom.

Carli was stunning in her empire-waist lace gown WITH POCKETS! There’s just something special about a girl that says yes to a wedding dress with pockets. After all, pockets are like bacon and butter. They make EVERYTHING better. Around her neck, close to her heart rested Carli’s grandmother’s pearls. Since she passed and couldn’t be at the wedding, being able to have a piece of her there was special for Carli.

Kyle, her groom, who loves to dress like a GQ runway model, was dapper in a navy formal suit with vest and tie. The entire bridal party looked flawless and the flower girls…just adorable in their white lace gowns, matching hair bows, and sweet doll-like faces.

The rain during the day was relentless and would not let up, not even for a minute. But this couple is down for ANYTHING. They selected the grounds of The Louisville Presbyterian Seminary as their wedding venue specifically for its beautiful garden court. There was a massive romantic iron gate, many tall white columns, and lush green gardens (yes, even in January). But with the ever-flowing downpour from above, outdoor portraits were out of the question.

Or so I thought.

For their first look, the couple knew of a spot in the court that had a porch covering, but to get to it, Carli and Kyle had to trudge through the rain and hop over puddles, not to mention it was freezing cold. It’s a good thing Carli chose her well-loved Converse Chuck Taylor’s that she’s had since middle school as her wedding shoes. This simply amazed me how they were so easy-going on one of the most important days of their lives. It just goes to show that they prioritize love and joy over comfort. Taking the easy way out is not their thing.

Can we just say…


The seminary’s unique chapel, a beautiful sight needing very little decoration, served as the backdrop for the couple’s special, yet brief ceremony. Although less than twenty minutes long, the ceremony was beautiful and had several touching elements, you know, the tissue-taking, sniff-sniff kind of moments. The celebration continued well into the night at the popular Mellwood Arts and Entertainment Center. Guests were happy, joyful, and full of life. They couldn’t say enough great things about Carli and Kyle.

Neither can I.

Carli and Kyle, it was such a pleasure to spend your wedding day with you. It was an honor to witness your love and to share it with your families.  You two are a really special couple possessing a servant’s heart. I pray that you have a forever and prosperous life together and many weekly trips to the Homemade Pie and Ice Cream Kitchen. Oh, and when you decide to start a family, you must name your first baby girl Kylie.

It just makes sense, right?



  1. Barb Rudolph says:

    Beautiful couple and precious memories!!!

  2. You are such a rockstar Shannon!

  3. You do the best work. Love you Shannon!

  4. Lee says:

    As someone who had the humbled honor of serving as a chapel coordinator for weddings at this chapel, I can honestly say these are some of the prettiest pictures taken both at the chapel and the lodge.

    #beautiful #somissthisplace

  5. Shannon Barton says:

    SHANNON!!! I LOVE THESE!!! You did it again! Beautiful.

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