On a recent fall day, I set off for Winchester, Kentucky to capture wedding memories for one of the nicest couples I have ever met. The setting for Kaitlin and Aaron’s perfect nuptials was the stunning Hawks Nest where your eyes are drawn to acres of rolling hills, picturesque fence lines, and cozy barns. I […]

After photographing several weddings, there are few things that truly surprise me. I don’t want to say, “I’ve seen it all,” because I know that there is so much I have not seen in the two years I have been a wedding industry professional. However, the wedding of my latest SDP couple had me dropping […]

Weddings typically have an overall vibe to them, as it usually reflects the couple and the people close to them. Well, the vibe for my latest wedding and for everything about Kaitlin and Sean can be described by one simple word. Sweet. From the moment I met them (I was really late to their consultation […]

“I knew you were something special the way you cared for Drae after his accident.” This line, delivered by the best man during toasts, was probably the most emotional moment of the night. It brought back memories of the tender, loving care that Hashaka showed for her then boyfriend, Romandrae (AKA Drae), following a motorcycle […]

Recently, I had the opportunity to witness and capture a special ceremony between two people I adore. Keiona, Jessie, and I met in a class at church, and it was obvious to me how much they were in love, even from a distance. I could tell that they had a strong marriage and had the […]

When the father of the bride tells you he tucked his daughter in for the last time the night before her wedding, you know you have stumbled upon something special.┬áMy latest SDP couple, Carrie and Ryan are just that. Something special-spectacular even. It didn’t take long for me to realize that after meeting them. We […]

Living in Louisville, I’ve gotten used to the days leading up to a wedding day being filled with rain, and Megan and David’s wedding was no different. The forecast called for storms all week, including a 30% chance on the wedding day. No matter how the weather would show up on their day, I knew […]

“What God has joined together…” The officiant gave these five words of advice to my latest married couple, Emily and Kyle, during their wedding ceremony. He wanted them to understand that since God has placed them together as husband and wife, nothing or no one on Earth should be able to break that bond. And […]

Imagine this… You’re standing atop the plateau of the iconic Table Mountain, overlooking Capetown, South Africa with your best friend, your lover, your boo. Hand in hand, you take it all in. The beauty. The wonder. The splendor. What an amazing feeling! THIS IS LIFE! Then, he does the unimaginable. Kneeling on a rock, he […]

“A cord of three strands is not easily broken.” This verse, taken from the book of Ecclesiastes, states that two people are stronger than one when it comes to withstanding trials and opposition. Then, the verse goes on to explain that even stronger than two people are three. When God is the third person, that […]