May 4, 2019

Danielle and Terrence Engagement

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Back before Instagram, POF, eHarmony, and Facebook became popular means of meeting a potential suitor, it was tough for a guy. Approaching a young lady that piqued his interest was rather frightening. Men and boys alike literally faced the terrifying possibility of rejection- a face-to-face blow to the ever-so-sensitive ego. Because of this, a guy had to really decide if the girl he had is eye on was worth the threat of embarrassment. Well, for my latest groom-to-be, it was absolutely worth it.

And it paid off, with interest might I add.

The beautiful Danielle was shopping at her local Kroger grocery store when a tall, handsome guy approached her to help load her groceries. Being the confident, independent lady that she is, she rejected his offer for assistance. But Terrence, in his persistence (not to be confused with stalking or harassment LOL) made sure that Danielle knew he seriously wanted to help to the point where she would never have to load groceries again. So, Danielle finally accepted this chivalrous effort and allowed him into the trunk of her car, and her heart…


The threat of rain attempted to derail our plans for an outdoor engagement session, but Danielle and Terrence were not bothered one bit by the forecast. They were down for using umbrellas, and at times were standing in the rain completely unbothered, posing like professional models. As you can see, they are a gorgeous couple, and both came ready-giving fierce face and all that. I was surprised at how much Terrence was into the session, because usually the groom is just there, counting down the minutes until the session ends. I think he may have had aspirations to be the next Tyson Beckford at one time. Shhh…Don’t tell him I said that. And although Danielle was a little hesitant to hop on a rock over a pond in heels, she was a trooper and did a wonderful job!

Danielle and Terrence, it was a pleasure to capture your fun-loving spirits and the love you share for one another. I can’t wait to see you guys again in a few months on your wedding day!

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