May 12, 2019

Pattey and Friends

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Ms Pattey came to me in the fall and asked if I would consider photographing a fun group of her sorority sisters and friends. Y’all know I can’t pass up the chance to interact with a fun bunch of women, so of course I agreed.

The ladies arrived, looking gorgeous in fashionable dresses, adorned with the most beautiful hats (some created by Ms Pattey’s daughter, Candace). But true to Louisville in May, rain threatened to ruin our efforts to create art. The moment we began this Derby Day session in a small park in downtown Louisville, the sky opened up and it started to pour. These ladies were troopers, though, and endured getting wet for a few outdoor photos before we moved the session indoors at the popular Fourth Street Live.

If you know me as a photographer, you know how excited I get when I find a solid, light-colored wall. It seems crazy, but I just LOVE how it makes my subjects pop off of the background. So, I found my wall, and these ladies did not disappoint with their posing. As with all friend groups, there are some that are more out front and boisterous while others are more reserved.

I wonder if you can figure out which is which…

Ms Pattey, thank you for the opportunity to meet and interact with your crew. You guys are a fabulous bunch of ladies and I look forward to having fun with you all in the future!

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