December 1, 2018

Emily & Kyle

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My latest couple’s fairy-tale love story seemed to jump right off of the page of a (insert your favorite medical drama) script.

Kyle, the groom, was doing his hero thing on an EMT run that took him to the local emergency room.

Cut to Emily, the brideminding her own business, doing ER intake.

It seemed like an average, run-of-the-mill night.

Little did Emily know, her prince charming was about to appear. Only instead of galloping in on a white horse, he arrived in a white ambulance complete with sirens and flashing lights (much more exciting than an old, boring horse, right?). I can’t say what happened to the patient from that run, but I’m sure Emily and Kyle had elevated heart rates that night.

It was love at first triage…

Emily and Kyle are such a sweet and down-to-Earth couple. They welcomed me onto the massive land that is Emily’s great-grandparents’ farm, which was the location of the photo session. I thought this was so special. The farm was huge, and this city girl was simply amazed. I had never seen soybean plants before. SUPER COOL!  Not only was the location significant, they posed in front of Kyle’s Jeep and to top it all off, they snuggled under a beautiful heirloom quilt crafted by Emily’s grandmother, who has now passed away. It’s moments and symbols like these that really set couples apart.

This cute duo was relaxed in front of the camera and quite playful during the session. Kyle snuck soybeans in Emily’s pocket a few times, and Emily jumped on Kyle’s back while I was checking camera settings. They shared hugs and kisses and whispered sweet nothings in between poses. Their love shone through these jovial gestures and felt effortless.  As natural as the golden glow of the sun grazing their silhouettes as they danced through the never-ending field.

In their free time from work and homework (for Emily who is in nursing school), Emily and Kyle enjoy spending time with friends and family, napping, and eating.


Emily and Kyle, thank you for inviting me to be a part of your story. I cannot wait to see you again on your wedding day!

Looking forward to tasting your dad’s barbecue too!



  1. Latascha says:

    These are so beautiful! I can imagine their story just by looking at the pictures! May God bless their love forever!

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