December 2, 2018


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Senior sessions are in my top five of all time loves! There is just something so refreshing about interacting with young people, looking toward the future with giddy optimism and determination to make “life” happen that gives me a sense of clarity and direction for my own life. It’s as if they remind me that no matter a person’s age, you can live your dream and fulfill your life’s purposes and callings if you are willing to work for them. My latest senior, the beautiful Lauren was no different. Her session took place during the Thanksgiving holiday weekend, so it was good for me to step back from the madness, relax, and enjoy Lauren’s company.

I have known Lauren since she was young, and let me tell you. This stunningly gorgeous young lady is poised with such style and grace that

Emily Post herself would have been proud.

From a young age, she has carried herself like a lady. Always polite and well-mannered (thanks to a mother that DID NOT PLAY), helpful, and caring, especially with children. As we walked from spot to spot during her session, Lauren and I chatted about her future and plans for the next year. She plans to attend Fisk University, Tennessee State University, or Baylor University. Witnessing Lauren’s sweet and genuine demeanor and tender disposition first-hand, it is no surprise that she will pursue a career in the medical field to become a physician.

Lauren, thank you for allowing me the honor to freeze some moments during your senior year. This is a time in your life that you will always remember and look back on as you grow in your adulthood and career. I pray that God will open many doors of opportunity for you and that you will follow his guiding voice. I have no doubt that you will rock out the rest of your senior year, college, and all of your future endeavors.



  1. Latascha says:

    You are an amazing moment capturer!
    And an even more amazing friend! Lauren looks absolutely beautiful and these photographs definitely show the essence of her spirit!
    #Proud Auntie

  2. Connie Jones says:

    Wow! Great job! So special! My daughter looks beautiful! You captured her personality ! Thank you!

  3. Lauren Graves says:

    Thank you so much Shannon! They look amazing! And I’m more than honored to make you guys proud!

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