November 1, 2020

Kaitlin and Aaron’s Perfect Fall Wedding at Hawks Nest

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On a recent fall day, I set off for Winchester, Kentucky to capture wedding memories for one of the nicest couples I have ever met. The setting for Kaitlin and Aaron’s perfect nuptials was the stunning Hawks Nest where your eyes are drawn to acres of rolling hills, picturesque fence lines, and cozy barns. I entered through the iron gates and felt my minivan transforming into a Cinderella style carriage as I drove down the tree lined entrance to the venue. The trees were clothed in a coordinating assortment of fall hues, and reinforced my love of this time of year.

The weather was what every fall bride desires-sunshine, a light breeze (you know, The Beyonce Breeze, where your hair sways in the most perfect way), and not a cloud in the sky. Kaitlin must have called in some favors to the man upstairs for that one. I haven’t seen a day that beautiful in awhile.

Just as the day was, Kaitlin was stunning in her layered tulle gown and Aaron was dapper in his ensemble as well, complete with coordinating suspenders. The couple met as little kids in elementary school and have been friends ever since. They dated in high school and then again as full grown adults. How cute is that? They were already a part of one another’s families, so

the wedding was just one big blended family party!

Their taco bar and DJ help to complete setting the stage for this unifying celebration of love. The couple and guests danced their hearts out, their close friends toasted the newlyweds with kind and touching words, and Aaron’s twin brother made everyone laugh with his mannerisms and dare I call them jokes (just kidding Barron). The night was one for the books, and all in attendance will look back with fond memories of the day.

Kaitlin and Aaron, thank you so much for honoring me with the opportunity to capture your love and be a part of your special day. I pray nothing but the best and many years of happiness to you and your family!






  1. Shannon Barton says:

    LOVE, LOVE, LOVE!!! Shannon, these are gorgeous!!

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