October 5, 2018

Kaitlin & Sean

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If you’re not good at solving algebraic equations, let me help you out. Loosely translated, the equation says this. “Y” equals Kaitlin and Sean plus Skyler and Jackson. If you know anything about algebra, you know that you must solve for all of the unknowns. Well, I gave you the value of the m, the x, and the b. So, now you simply have to solve for “y.”

Okay, okay, I’ll do the math for you.


Love is exactly what I witnessed on my latest engagement session. True. Love. Sean, a high school math teacher (Ahh, NOW the reference to algebra makes sense) and Kaitlin, an automobile sales industry professional are an adorable Louisville couple that found each other through a mutual acquaintance and have been together ever since.

After a couple of setbacks due to locations, traffic, and weather, our photo session took us full circle for the couple.  We ended our session photographing at a location that was a part of the couple’s budding romance. You see soon after they began dating, they took some “new relationship photos” in the same exact spot. I had no clue until after the session was over. I found this to be super sweet, and although it was not planned by either party, I don’t think it wasn’t a coincidence. I think God was giving us a wink.

These two lovebirds were natural posers, and their adoration for one another was evident. Their cute little cuddles and endearing giggles made for such sweet photos. Jackson, their newest family member, brought just as much loving energy to the session as well. Onlookers could tell that he is just as much in love with the couple as they are with one another (and with him). Unfortunately, Skyler their feline fur baby couldn’t join in on the fun.

Maybe next time.

Kaitlin and Sean, thanks for allowing me to be a part of your story. I can’t wait to capture your wedding day next year!


  1. Rhonda shockley says:

    Love the pictures my granddaughter and soon to husband thay are so special to me and I verry happy for theam

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