July 24, 2019

Keiona and Jessie

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Recently, I had the opportunity to witness and capture a special ceremony between two people I adore. Keiona, Jessie, and I met in a class at church, and it was obvious to me how much they were in love, even from a distance. I could tell that they had a strong marriage and had the utmost respect for one another. Although thy had been married for some time, I would sometimes catch them holding hands and cuddling in class. It was just the cutest thing I had ever seen.

Not only are they cute, but their story is too. This beautiful couple met at a concert in Chicago (where they both lived) many years ago. As the story goes, R&B singer, Jaheim, brought the two of them together. According to Jessie, Keiona was there to fawn over Jaheim with his sultry and soulful sound, and he was there to console all of the adorning Jaheim fans. Well, I guess it worked, because the two fell in love and have been together ever since. In fact, the Edwards have been married for 10 blissful years.

After a trying year of battling and overcoming cancer, Keiona is stronger, their marriage is stronger, and their faith is stronger. So what better way to commemorate the strength of their love than to renew their vows?! This would be a time of celebration. Celebrating live and love, family and friends, strength and faith. The ceremony was intimate and sweet, and you can imagine that the speeches at this reception were truly touching. At one point, I don’t know if there was a dry eye in the place.

Those happy tears were shed, and it was time to party!  The party went on and on, and I witnessed some serious Chicago dance moves.

Keiona and Jessie, thank you for allowing me the chance to witness the renewing of your vows. Your day was beautifully perfect! Your commitment to each another, your family, and God is inspiring, and I know you will have many more happy years ahead. Congratulations on a successful ten years. Here’s to a hundred more!

  1. Shirley Boykin says:

    This was a very beautiful and emotional wedding, I’m so happy I was their, and beautiful picture’s.

  2. Toni Tompkins says:

    Absolutely Beautiful!!!!!

  3. Kattie Jones says:

    These are beautiful. What else can a Mom say. I would like to order some pictures. Thanks. Kattie

  4. Erin Edwards says:

    These are absolutely fantastic Shannon!!!
    Thank you for capturing the beautiful day, perfectly, of two people we love so much!!! 💜

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