August 28, 2018


Posted in: Babies and Children

This little cutie patutie celebrates one year of life today! How exciting for his parents to commemorate the joy and happiness Liam has brought to their family for 365 days with a photo session. The humidity on this day was extremely high, but Liam was such a trooper (so were his parents). With a snack, a few water breaks, and the brief grief of the “1” balloon’s demise, I was able to capture some of his adorable smiles and those beautiful blue eyes. I don’t know what the future holds for this young man, but I can tell it is going to be bright. He has a loving family, friends who love him, and an undeniable sense of independence and assertiveness. He is such a sweet and happy kid, and I can’t wait to see the plan that God has for his life to unfold.

Happy Birthday, Liam!

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