August 29, 2018

Maddie & Sean

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One of the best things about meeting engaged couples is hearing the proposal stories, and this sweet couple had the cutest one. As many soon-to-be engaged ladies share, Maddie felt that the proposal was coming on a particular day. She could just feel it. She and her now fiance, Sean, went to one of Maddie’s favorite restaurants and had some other sweet moments that assured her that it was coming.


But it didn’t.

Like a child on Christmas morning with coal under the tree, Maddie was filled with disappointment. This made what came next even better. Maddie and Sean, both chemist scholars, share a love for learning and games. Later this same evening, the two lovebirds decided to play a word game called Bananagrams. This game requires players to grab letter squares from a banana-shaped bag. Maddie reached into the bag and felt something weird. Wouldn’t you know it, Sean had hidden the ring inside, and asked Maddie to be his wife in this intimate moment between the two of them.

Maddie and Sean, it was a pleasure capturing the love and joy you guys share. You are so sweet and I can tell that you all will be in love forever.


  1. Chriss says:

    Fantastic job as always Shannon.

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