July 30, 2018

Meet the Tillmans

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When I sit down to pen a blog post, there’s a routine that I generally follow. First, I think intently about the subjects of the blog and our interactions during the photo session(s). After that, I pray that God would grant me the right words to say. And finally, I say the names of the subjects aloud and begin writing. The process for blogging this beautiful family was no different–until it was time to say their names. Instead of calling the name of each family member, I (some might say rather lazily) called out the family surname.


For some reason, the tone in which I stated their name brought this title to mind…

“Meet the Tillmans.”

This immediately transported me waaaaaaay back to my childhood. One of my favorite before-school activities was watching cartoons. Five mornings a week, you could find me sitting criss-cross applesauce on the carpet, in front of the floor-model TV (yes I realize I’m aging myself here) with my eyes glued to the rounded corners of the tube. What captured my attention, you ask? A family that many of you will remember–The Flintstones.  Arguably one of the best cartoons of all time, the most memorable part of the show played before each episode began. The opening jingle.

This theme song, masterfully composed by Hoyt Curtin, Joseph Barbera, and William Hannah in 1961, inspired me to introduce this modelesque family in a fun and unique way.


Tillmans, meet the Tillman’s.

They’re a modern Louisville family.

From the town of Champagne,

Now they’re living in Kentucky.


Let’s ride with the Tillmans through the streets;

football, baseball, soccer, gloves, and cleats


When you’re with the Tillmans,

You’ll feel athletic and adventurous,

Hip without frills or fuss,

So fun you might combust!”


The Tillmans arrived at the session right on time, with the youngest leading the way.  The first thing I noticed was their beautifully golden skin. It’s like they planned a trip to Florida before this session, so they could be their best shade of tan for photos. They really did just return from Florida, but the trip was for a perfectly timed softball tournament.

The Tillmans are an adventurous family, and the Falls of the Ohio was the perfect location for them. You see, there is a lot of potential for injury at this location due to the rocky terrain and multiple layers of ground. It’s not for everyone, but this athletic group loves a good challenge. I was amazed at how they maneuvered The Falls, jumping across rock formations, at times even barefoot to pose for photos.

The kids were so cool and camera-ready. They each performed to the max during their individual portrait time, especially the youngest Tillman.  She was indeed a ham-in the cutest, most adorable way!

The entire Tillman family is as sweet as pie, but Justin and Jessie were the icing on the cake. They were natural models, and their love shone through in their posing and expressions toward one another. I could tell that they have been in love for awhile and will continue to be madly in love throughout eternity.

Thank you Tillmans for allowing me to capture your adorable family. You guys are stunningly gorgeous rockstars and could easily be on the cover of a top magazine!


  1. Jessie says:

    Oh my word!!!!! You are too kind! You were sooo easy to work with and my kids and husband even enjoyed themselves!! You are magical with that camera Shannon! Thank you thank thank you!!!

  2. Shannon Drummond says:

    Aww, thanks, Jessie! I love your family! You guys are awesome!

  3. Shannon Drummond says:


  4. Melanie says:

    Honey !! The pictures are beautiful!!
    Jessie T , Shannon is the bomb..com

  5. Jenny says:

    The pictures turned out amazing!! Beautiful family full of spunk and love!! You captured their personality’s to a T!!! PS loved the jingle 💜

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