Yep, I did it. I named the post Elli and her mom. Why? Well, this year, Miss Elli showed that she came to slay and not play! For you that have taken family photos know that kids and dogs can be wild cards. So when you have both, you never know what will transpire. It […]

Black Friday. A day that was made for me. A day when stuff-lots of stuff-is on sale. And you can get all of your shopping done before 10:00 in the morning! There are few things better than this. I am a sucker for a sale, so yes, I am one of the lunatics mingling in […]

Fall is prime photo season, so I have been busy, busy, busy with weddings, families, and more! My latest, however, was a fun and relaxing extended family session.  It included four generations of beautiful people with loads of personality and energy. The little kids were joyful and full of life, as were the young adults […]

Okay, I hate to be biased, but I have met my all-time favorite family. I had the privilege of photographing The Neal family last week, and they completely stole my heart. When I say they were down for whatever, I mean they were down for…WHATEVER (if you’re a true 90’s music fan, you know you […]

From the moment the Clarks walked onto the scene, I knew these photos were going to be something special. The family came dressed perfectly, in coordinating fall tones and stylish, complimentary pieces. Not to mention they are ALL model material. Corey, who works in education was cool as a cucumber and Cierra, who works in […]

God. Family. Friends. In order of importance, those are the priorities of life. To be completely honest, I have been so blessed to have those three things intermingle very often. My friends become family, and family becomes friends, often connecting through our mutual love of God and sharing of these priorities. One of such friends […]

Last weekend, I had the pleasure of hanging out with one of the most beautiful families in the city of Louisville. The Frenches and I go way back…I mean WAAAAAAAAAAAAAY back. You see, I used to babysit their children. Yes, I just dated myself, because as you can see, there are no “children” in these […]

Along came a princess. That is the theme for my latest family session. I have known this family for awhile, and they have always been a beautiful family. A queen, a king, and two princes. They are sharp dressers, sweet and friendly, and just all around great people. A little over a year ago, how […]

There are people that make the world a better place in which to live and bless your life simply by knowing them. Robb Ahrens is one of them. After meeting during a volleyball league many years ago, I instantly knew that this guy lives the life of a true Christian. He exudes the love of […]

When I sit down to pen a blog post, there’s a routine that I generally follow. First, I think intently about the subjects of the blog and our interactions during the photo session(s). After that, I pray that God would grant me the right words to say. And finally, I say the names of the […]