October 2, 2019

Tarryn & Yusuf, featuring Amirah Lee

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When I get the opportunity to photograph expectant mothers, I do not take it lightly. It is such an honor to be able to capture a once in a lifetime stage of a woman’s days during this most miraculous season. She is growing a human being-FROM SCRATCH!

On the day of Tarryn and Yusuf’s session, everything was perfect. The weather was nice, no sign of rain, and the couple showed up looking magnificent. Tarryn was glowingly beautiful in her two pastel gowns and Yusuf was handsome as ever in his accompanying attire. During the session, it was obvious that they care for one another and eagerly anticipate the arrival of their baby girl, Amirah. As we walked along a path on the premises, a huge tree whispered to me. The symbolism of a tree truly spoke to my spirit.

Trees have strong roots.

The job of the roots is to keep the tree grounded and to provide nourishment to the tree. Tarryn and Yusuf have strong roots. They were brought up and raised by strong and supportive families that provided them with the basics for productive lives. Their families continue to support and nourish them, as I am confident they will in turn provide the same anchor for baby Amirah.

Trees have a solid trunk.

The trunk is what gives the tree its shape and strength. Tarryn and Yusuf will be the trunk for Amirah as she grows and matures. They will shape her into a beautiful young lady. Her personality, her values, her priorities will be the direct result of their joint effort to shape and mold her just as a potter molds a piece of clay into a wondrous work of art.

Trees have a majestic crown.

The crown of a tree includes the leaves and branches. It provides a covering-a protection, if you will-to the rest of the tree (hence the name “crown”). It also reduces the impact of the weather on the tree and its surrounding soil. Tarryn and Yusuf will cover Amirah in prayer and protection. They will comfort her during the trials of life and will reduce the impact of this crazy world in which we live. Their extended family, AKA “The Village,” are also a part of the crown and will cover this new family as well.

Tarryn and Yusuf, it was a pleasure to meet you and celebrate the new life that you have created. As she grows, continue to walk in faith and be the roots, trunk, and crown for your treasured baby girl. You all are beautiful inside and out, and I can’t wait to see Amirah when she arrives!


  1. Shannon Barton Barton says:

    I love you blog post! Beautiful words…not to mention the BEAUTIFUL COUPLE! Beautiful photos Shannon! Nailed it once again!!

  2. Brenda Felder says:

    Absolutely stunning! God Bless you!

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