October 2, 2019

The Stones

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God. Family. Friends.

In order of importance, those are the priorities of life. To be completely honest, I have been so blessed to have those three things intermingle very often. My friends become family, and family becomes friends, often connecting through our mutual love of God and sharing of these priorities. One of such friends is a former coworker, Jammie. She and I met through a job and connected over faith and have had many times of joy and laughter over time. A handful of years ago, she and her husband Jerry moved to Florida, and have now become those people everyone is jealous of. Sunshine year-round, mild temperatures, and of course the beach are now a part of their everyday lives.

Well, this lovely couple recently came to town to visit family, including their ADORABLE granddaughter. Jammie reached out to me for some family photos, so of course I couldn’t resist the meetup! They were just such the darling group. Between the couple, grandbaby Raegan, and Rocky, the dog, I didn’t know where to point the camera. They were all so stinkin’ cute!!! Check out some of the photos from our time together on a HOT, fall evening in Kentuckiana.

Jammie and Mr. Jerry, it was a pleasure seeing you all again. Congratulations on your new grandbaby and your retirement! I’ll be down to see you guys next…


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