December 6, 2018

The Jacksons

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Mommy & Me sessions are really special, because they show the love between a mother and her child (or children). In this latest Mommy & Me, I had the pleasure of capturing the sweet adoration between a mother, long-time friend Neesha, her daughter (my self-proclaimed God-niece) Ellington, and her fur baby Hunny. This sassy trio is full of life and laughter. Young Elli, who is usually shy and reserved, channeled her inner Tyra Banks, because she came CAMERA-READY! She had poses galore, followed directions well, and had a smyze models would kill for.

In my brief time as a photographer, I have learned that when it comes to sessions involving children and/or pets to always expect the unexpected. This session proved that lesson over and over. While the session began as usual with warm-up posing and test shots, it took a turn down comedy lane very quickly.

As anyone that works with or has kids, children’s bladders have a way of filling to absolute capacity at the most inopportune times. Elli sweetly looked up at her mommy and whispered, “I have to go to the bathroom.” The look on Neesha’s face was priceless. She had done all she could to make sure this session was perfect. Wardrobe, check. Hair, check. Makeup, check. Nap, check. Groomer, check. Everything was set, except the last minute potty break.  Reality was Elli had to go, and she had to go NOW. She was doing the dance, crossing her legs in discomfort. There was no public restroom in sight. She wasn’t going to make it. What were we to do? If Elli had been a rambunctious boy, this wouldn’t have been an issue, right? Well, a tree wasn’t going to cut it for this prissy, future Alpha Kappa Alpha. Tears (and other fluids) streamed, and

let’s just say I will be checking Amazon for a portable potty.

After that fiasco, we were back to capturing moments. Well, that is, until Hunny escaped from her carrier.  Imagine me attempting to catch a tiny Yorkie with long hair and fragile little body, trying not to drop my camera, step in a puddle of water, or fall on my face. Yeah, funny sight for sure! Mission accomplished though.

Here I was, camera in one hand and squirming Yorkie in the other-cracking up laughing all the while.

Neesha, thanks for allowing me to capture some sweet moments between you and your girls. Surprising events aside, the session proved to be one of the most enjoyable as of late.  Not to mention you guys provided me some much needed laughter and adventure.



  1. Neesha & Ellington says:

    Thank you so much Shan for being patient with us and always doing a perfect job capturing these wonderful memorable moments and the love I have for both of my girls. You are an parexcellent photographer that I’m also proud to call friend. ❤️ What was funny to me was when I was trying to tell El what to do and she said “Aunt Shannon didn’t say that, she’s the boss now” 🤷🏽‍♀️ What was I to say!? She was right!!! Thanks again!! El and I love you very much!!!

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