October 28, 2019

The Neals

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Okay, I hate to be biased, but I have met my all-time favorite family. I had the privilege of photographing The Neal family last week, and they completely stole my heart. When I say they were down for whatever, I mean they were down for…WHATEVER (if you’re a true 90’s music fan, you know you still say things like that too). If you can imagine a six-foot tall black man skipping through the grass toward a camera hand in hand with his wife and daughter, you can see why I love them so much. They were so much fun, willing to do whatever it took to bring out the joy that they have for life and each other to their photos. Oftentimes, it is awkward to be in front of the camera doing seemingly goofy things, like look and laugh, bend forward, and pop a knee. Because of this, people tend to hesitate in an attempt to not look silly, but not The Neals. People drove past, watching and looking, and they didn’t care. I was in HEAVEN!

Neals, thank you so much for hanging out with me and making me laugh. I love your spirit and joyous personalities, and I hope you enjoy your photos!

  1. Shannon says:

    It’s true when they say, “If it feels weird, it’s gonna look great!” These are AWESOME! 😍

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