December 1, 2019

Elli and Her Mom

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Yep, I did it. I named the post Elli and her mom. Why? Well, this year, Miss Elli showed that she came to slay and not play!

For you that have taken family photos know that kids and dogs can be wild cards. So when you have both, you never know what will transpire. It doesn’t matter how many naps, snacks, bribes, or stuffed animals you use, you should always expect the unexpected. Kids and pets do what THEY want to do, Mom has a fit from embarrassment, which makes the kids and/or pets act even more outrageous, and of course the Dad is just counting down the seconds until he can put his sweats on and get back to the game.

But this session was completely the opposite. Ellington was READY! She was prepared to pose, smile, and laugh on cue. At one point in the session, she told her dog to act right, because she was trying to do good. I don’t know what Neesha promised her for doing well in their annual photo session, but whatever it was, it worked like a charm. These three ladies are just so cute and sassy that it made for a fun and upbeat session, even though it was quite chilly in our downtown location, steps from the river.

Neesha and Elli, thanks for “doing good” during your session. It was a pleasure and I always have a good time photographing you. See ya’ next year!


  1. Latascha says:

    So beautiful! The subjects and the photographs! I love it!

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