December 1, 2019

The Conn Family

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Black Friday.

A day that was made for me. A day when stuff-lots of stuff-is on sale. And you can get all of your shopping done before 10:00 in the morning! There are few things better than this. I am a sucker for a sale, so yes, I am one of the lunatics mingling in the midst of the madness, taking part in the day after Thanksgiving shopping craze.

But Not this year.

This year, I had the privilege of hanging out with one of the coolest families around. I met with The Conns for our Black Friday session, and they did not disappoint. They showed up looking adorable in their coordinating buffalo plaid and denim and the newest member of the family was super stinkin cute!

There were many chuckles throughout the session (some at me because of my outrageous requests). Sometimes it can be challenging photographing multiple adults, but the patriarch, Isaac, told the family to do whatever I said to do. I CANNOT LIE. THIS MADE MY HEART LEAP FOR JOY! It showed that he trusted my photographic vision, which is extremely important for a photographer. Being the respectful family that they are, they complied and we had a good time.

Thank you Conn family for humoring my weird requests and being creative and fun during the session. You guys are totally awesome, and it was a pleasure to meet you all and to capture some moments for you.

When you tell grown males to kiss their sister on the cheek, you get real giggles!

Here is the REAL star of the show!

Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you The Black Beatles.

Characters, I tell ya!

  1. Nicole Banks aka Nikki Vary says:

    How beautiful Shannon! You are the bomb!! I must make an appointment to have our family photos taken by you real soon.

  2. Gina Davis says:

    Shannon, these are GREAT pics. I’m SURE Isaac had you laughing the WHOLE time, and it wouldn’t surprise me if the rest of his family isn’t as funny as he is. You did a WONDERFUL job. Inbox or email me your rates.

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