September 3, 2018

GrandJudy is 72

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Picture it.

Indiana. August 30, 1946. A little round bundle of joy was brought into this world. Little did anyone know she would grow up to become a loving, generous, and persistent Christian woman who would travel the world on mission for her Lord. You may know her as Judith, Judy D., Ms. Judy, GrandJudy, or Jute. But to me, she’s Mama. She will give the clothes off her back for those in need, feed anyone she finds that is hungry, and hug any and every little kid she comes in contact with. She is notorious for passing out nicknames, so if she calls you by any name (and I mean ANY NAME) other than your own,  you know she likes you. She loves God, the local farmer’s market, and trips to the grocery store.

She adores her family and friends and is loved by many.

Most 72 year olds would settle for a home birthday celebration or a dinner at a casual restaurant. If you know GrandJudy, though, you know she is not your typical lady. So, of course her birthday celebration would be as unique as she is. This year, her plans included eating at The English Grill at The Brown Hotel, modeling in front of my camera for a photo shoot, and hosting a birthday party at Chuck E. Cheese’s, with some of her favorite “little friends/grands.” GrandJudy is a lot like Lola. Whatever she wants, she gets. So, it was my job to organize and make sure her wishes came to fruition.

The English Grill was great. The food was delicious and the service was outstanding. Her photo shoot went well, channeling her inner Kenya Moore twirling. She and her guests had a wonderful time at Chuck E. Cheese’s, and it was indeed a blessing to share this time with her, creating memories, as she calls it.

Happy Birthday, GrandJudy!

I love you!

  1. Jacquelyn Humphrey says:

    Great pictures!!! Happy Birthday

  2. Shannon says:

    I just absolutely LOVE all of these! Your mama is kid at heart! Love it! 😍

  3. Stella says:

    These pictures of Judith Ann are fantastic and her birthday guests are adorable. I have really enjoyed the memories you both created. I didn’t know the girl had it in her. My BFF. God bless you.
    Shannon. great job .

  4. Christine Wilkerson says:

    She looks stunning twirling in that dress! What a fun birthday celebration! ❤️😍

  5. Chriss says:

    Too precious!!

  6. Rita Howard says:

    Great pictures

  7. Kimmie says:

    Love, love , love these pics. Mama Judy happy 72nd birthday. We are so blessed to be a part of your world❤❤❤❤❤!!!!

  8. Diane Harris says:

    When I grow up I want to be like Grand Judy, too!

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