June 6, 2018

I Would Rather Be Reading

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“I would rather be reading.”

How many times has a child said that to you? NOT VERY OFTEN I’m sure. Many kids will do just about anything to avoid reading, and with the accessibility of modern technology, it’s an easy task.  Video games, YouTube, and Social Media all compete for children’s attention, and oftentimes reading is the last thing on a child’s mind.

But what if it doesn’t have to be that way? What if your child was excited to peel back the cover of a new book, diving into the unknown, using words and creativity to experience new adventures? What if your child was a proficient reader possessing the comprehension skills of a distinguished student?  That is the goal for the awesome new non-profit organization–

I Would Rather Be Reading.

Ashley Dearinger and Ally Ogle, the organization’s founders, are experienced educators who work tirelessly year-round to improve the reading skills of our most vulnerable students–those who have (or are currently experiencing) some type of trauma in their lives. Studies have shown that children exposed to trauma don’t fare as well educationally as those without this exposure, which is the root of this passion project. I Would Rather Be Reading focuses on leveling the playing field for those students who struggle with reading. Their programs provide literacy supports for children through one-on-one literacy interventions by trained instructors, trainings for educators, and a unique summer camp “Camp Good Books and Shades.”


To find out more information on how you can become a part of this amazing philanthropic venture, check out the

I Would Rather Be Reading website here.

  1. Your pictures and wording are perfection Shannon Drummond. Thank you for everything!

  2. Wallis says:

    Love this…learning about this non-profit, the photos, the blog all of it. So proud of you Shannon!

  3. Emily Obrien says:

    These are fabulous!! What a fun photo shoot!

    • Shannon Drummond says:

      It was really fun to shoot! These two were gorgeous, upbeat, and fun-but of course you already know that!

  4. Tascha Craig says:

    I would rather be reading sounds like a dream! Thanks for sharing!

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