June 11, 2018

Mellwood Art and Entertainment Center-Lou., KY Gina and Wendell

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“We have a serious problem.”

That is a statement that no one wants to hear while preparing for a wedding. Well, that’s exactly what happened on Gina and Wendell’s big day. Picture it. May 19th. Hours after the royal wedding in London, another regal couple was preparing to say, “I do.” Gina, the bride, was at her mom’s house with her girls enjoying a casual and relaxing catered brunch. On the other side of town, the groom, Wendell, and his boys were doing the same, in that manly kind of way. A few minutes after I sent the boys to get dressed for photos, Wendell ushered me and all of the groomsmen to the porch in a quick and hush-hush fashion, with a concerned look upon his face.

As the only female standing in a huddle on the back porch of their AirBnB, I felt special. Included. Part of the inner circle, you know-the boys club. This feeling ended abruptly with the groom’s announcement.

“We have a serious problem. I mean a REAL serious problem.”

The groomsmen and I leaned in even closer, eyes wide-open, anxiously awaiting what the groom had to say. We stared intently at him with puzzled looks. All kinds of crazy thoughts went through my mind in the passing seconds. Would there be a wedding? Was there an accident? Did the venue burn down? Is someone missing in action? As if I was watching a film playing out in slow-motion, his lips formed the words,

“I. Don’t. Have. A. Suit.”

You see, the bride and groom were getting married in the bride’s hometown of Louisville, KY–750 miles away from where they lived in Florida. With managing the several AirBnB reservations, cancelled and delayed flights, and packing all of the necessary items for the wedding, Wendell forgot to pick up his suit from the tailor. Reasonable mistake, right? I think so, but I’ll let you brides out there decide for yourselves. Anyway, let’s get back to the story.

I mentally let out a sigh of relief that this announcement was not a category five catastrophe to which my mind had first ventured. But wait, what?


That IS indeed a SERIOUS PROBLEM! In the huddle, many solutions were offered, including borrowing a suit and fitting into one of the groomsmen’s suits. But, we all knew what had to be done.

Wendell had to buy a new suit.

On the day of his wedding at T minus 4.5.

Just as fast as I was initiated into the boys club, they turned on me. Staring my way with evil in their eyes they commanded,


Of course I wasn’t going to tell a bride hours before her wedding that her soon-to-be husband left his suit seven hundred miles away and was out searching desperately for a new one that matches with the wedding colors and could be perfectly tailored on the spot.

That would be CRAZY, and crazy I am not.

Meanwhile, the other wedding preparations went on as planned.

The venue, Mellwood Art and Entertainment Center, is a unique venue offering a variety of traditional, modern, and industrial backdrops.

The ceremony and reception spaces were graced with blush, cream, and rose gold florals and accents, with dusty blue sprinkled in here and there thanks to the design expertise of Theresa at Peace of Mind.

Gina was such a sweet and laid-back bride, which made working with her an absolute pleasure.  She was radiant in her lace-bodiced gown designed by Angela and Alison and on her feet (and her bridesmaids’) were Kate Spade glitter lace-up Keds for comfort. Gina’s hair, done by Terron Jones of San Diego, CA and makeup by Tressa Crayton of Louisville, KY were flawless, just adding to her natural beauty. When Gina stepped into her gown, the room went silent. She was an absolute vision. Not long after this moment, Gina’s eyes began to well up. As her mom dabbed the flowing tears, she began to cry too. After all, this was her only daughter about to become a wife. That was one of the sweetest moments of the day.

I know you’re wondering. Did Wendell get a suit or did he walk down the aisle in jeans and a button down? But of course he did! Thanks to the hard-working employees at Men’s Warehouse and an act of GOD, he found a timeless, grey suit, which was tailored in time for him to arrive at the venue before the ceremony even began (picture several employees working frantically, literally tailoring the suit as he stood wearing it).

Family and friends from both U.S. coasts and many states in between were present to witness the wedding ceremony of this special couple. The ceremony was sweet and joyful with a unique sand ceremony and personal prayers. The couple held hands, gazed into each other’s eyes, chuckled in anticipation, and kissed passionately. It was the most precious thing ever!

With the unexpected events that occurred on this wedding day and how the bride and groom responded with determination and acceptance, I have no doubt that Gina and Wendell have what it takes to make their marriage last a lifetime and their love grow



Gina & Wendell!


Venue: Mellwood Art and Entertainment Center 

Coordinator/Planner: Tonya Pitts Roberson

Decor: Theresa at Peace of Mind

Cake: Louisvillicous Cakes and Desserts

Florals: Lloyd’s Florist

Hair: Terron Jones

Makeup: Tressa Crayton

Photography: Shannon Drummond Photography

Second Shooter: Jalyn Farrow



  1. Shannon Barton says:

    Shannon, these photos are ABSOLUTELY STUNNING!!! You have come such a LONG way in such a short amount of time. You NAILED these!!! SO PROUD!!!

  2. Aneisa Oxley says:

    Was a beautiful day and I am so happy for Gina and Wendell. Love you guys

  3. Shannon thank you for capturing our decor, these pictures are outstanding (all of them).

  4. Nay Dunnaway says:

    Outstanding pictures! Shannon, you did a beautiful job.

  5. Latascha says:

    Shannon, I am so proud I could cry! Your work is amazing! This is absolutely beautiful!

  6. Beautiful Pictures!! <3

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