Over the weekend, I had the pleasure of seeing one of my favorite couples again. It was time for Carli and Kyle’s engagement session, and everything was perfect. Well, almost. When I arrived at the initial location for the session, I was shocked to see that the venue and site were closed unexpectedly (and unannounced) […]

y=mx+b. If you’re not good at solving algebraic equations, let me help you out. Loosely translated, the equation says this. “Y” equals Kaitlin and Sean plus Skyler and Jackson. If you know anything about algebra, you know that you must solve for all of the unknowns. Well, I gave you the value of the m, […]

One of the best things about meeting engaged couples is hearing the proposal stories, and this sweet couple had the cutest one. As many soon-to-be engaged ladies share, Maddie felt that the proposal was coming on a particular day. She could just feel it. She and her now fiance, Sean, went to one of Maddie’s […]

Live. Love. Laugh. If I had to give this couple a mantra, that would be it. Although preparing for any photo session can have major stresses (what to wear, how to do hair, among five gazillion other worries), this couple left all of that behind once they got in front of the camera. Of course, […]

“Everyone, including Megan, thought David was going to propose…”