When a precious little girl turns five, what do you do to celebrate this milestone? You have a tea party, of course! Miss Ellington was the star of her show from the moment she put on her beautiful taupe gown with a sequined bodice and layers upon layers of tulle. She instantaneously transformed from an […]

Meet Alia. A beautiful name for a beautiful young lady. I had the pleasure of meeting this model-esque Pleasure Ridge Park High School senior for a photo session a little over a week ago to document the end of one journey and the beginning of another. The weather was absolutely perfect, the location was amazing, […]

Ms Pattey came to me in the fall and asked if I would consider photographing a fun group of her sorority sisters and friends. Y’all know I can’t pass up the chance to interact with a fun bunch of women, so of course I agreed. The ladies arrived, looking gorgeous in fashionable dresses, adorned with […]

Back before Instagram, POF, eHarmony, and Facebook became popular means of meeting a potential suitor, it was tough for a guy. Approaching a young lady that piqued his interest was rather frightening. Men and boys alike literally faced the terrifying possibility of rejection- a face-to-face blow to the ever-so-sensitive ego. Because of this, a guy […]

I have always loved birthdays. ALWAYS. It’s just that special day that is a reminder that I am one of a kind, unique, and loved. After all, I am a gift from God, chosen to be born, brought to life, to live on Earth (as are you, just as chosen, unique, and loved if no […]

Ever since I was young, I have been a kid magnet. Out at restaurants, in church, strolling down grocery aisles, no matter the place, kids would find me. Maybe it was because I indulged in their games of peek-a-boo smiles and look-aways, or maybe it was because I just paid attention to them. Whatever the […]

Being single with no children, Christmas decorating has not been the highest priority for me during the season of giving. Although I absolutely love decorating so much so that it used to be on my list of many career aspirations, I have never had my own Christmas tree. It seems unnecessary to put forth the […]

My latest session, photos reminiscent of the winy city of Chicago, took me and my camera downtown to one of Louisville’s architectural gems. The main branch of The Louisville Free Public Library, where I had the pleasure of photographing the wonderful Hobbs family, is just as charming on the inside as it is out. And […]

Mommy & Me sessions are really special, because they show the love between a mother and her child (or children). In this latest Mommy & Me, I had the pleasure of capturing the sweet adoration between a mother, long-time friend Neesha, her daughter (my self-proclaimed God-niece) Ellington, and her fur baby Hunny. This sassy trio […]

Senior sessions are in my top five of all time loves! There is just something so refreshing about interacting with young people, looking toward the future with giddy optimism and determination to make “life” happen that gives me a sense of clarity and direction for my own life. It’s as if they remind me that […]